From Dirt to Vine to Wine

Take a Look

Video Credit: Agriculture Aerial

The beginning of our journey through the vineyard began well before we planted a single vine. Can we do this? Do we want to do this? Do we have a site that is suitable for a vineyard? These questions and many more all resounded with the same answer, “yes”!   We want to give you just a small glimpse of where our travels have taken us.

Our first destination began with selecting our site. A few different locations came to mind but one stood out. It was the place we thought of as “our little gem on top of the hill”. Cultivating the land, marking off the rows and installing the irrigation drip hose were just a few of the stops along the way.

The final destination during this phase of our journey brought us to planting the vines. Our first carefully chosen vines arrived. The time came for us to really get our hands in the dirt. On April 28, 2015 we planted our first vines.

The sun sets behind a sea of grow tubes sheltering vines waiting to be awakened. The vines emerge from their shelters and reach for the sun. They stretch across the wires to gently kiss their neighbor.

The shelters where they have found refuge are removed and allow the vines to stand tall. Maturing vines reach out to places they have never been, growing to their fullest glory.

The vines have reached the pinnacle of the season, harvest.