Our Roots

Photo Credit: Breck Faught Photography

Our journey through the vineyard began a few years ago. We began to ponder the thought of owning and being the caretakers of a vineyard. As lifelong cotton farmers it was a natural progression to establish a vineyard and this path led us to the inception of the Phillips Vineyard.

We have a “hands on” approach to caring for the Phillips Vineyard. We enjoy getting in the dirt and being rooted in the land. We feel it is important to experience the process from planting the vines to harvesting the grapes. We want to know the vines, letting the vines teach us. Our presence in the vineyard allows us to touch each vine. We take note of the subtle changes in the vines. This experience in the vineyard cultivates wisdom.

We both draw from our heritage and the legacy of strength which was laid before us as third generation farmers. Having been given the opportunity to be stewards of the land we also want to pass on this stewardship to the generations which follow behind us.

As caretakers of the Phillips Vineyard our goal is to provide the highest quality wine grapes while developing long and lasting relationships with our winery partners. Growing exceptional wine grapes is the first step in making an extraordinary bottle of wine.

Join us as we journey through the vineyard.


Tony & Madonna Phillips
Phillips Vineyard

Meet Our Family

Photo Credit: Breck Faught Photography

The Phillips Family

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Joshua, Amanda, & Wrenn Burris

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Weston Phillips & Sarah Clement